Your first visit

Examination appointment

At the initial examination appointment Susan will assess the face, jaws and teeth to determine whether the teeth are erupting as they should and make an assessment of the bite. 

Susan will discuss your concerns and give a general idea of the orthodontic problems, and where possible, the treatment options if treatment is required. 

The cost of the initial examination is $95.00. Sometimes it is necessary to take an X-ray to see how the teeth are developing in the gums.  The cost of this is an additional $95.00.

You will be sent an Information Pack that includes a Treatment Expectations form and Medical History Form to complete prior to the examination appointment.

If your child is not ready to commence treatment yet Susan will continue to review the tooth and bite development at recall appointments until a decision can be made whether or not to undertake treatment.  There is no charge for the recall appointments unless x-rays are required.