Pain and discomfort

Modern braces are smaller than those used in the past so they are not only more comfortable but they look nicer too.  The braces we use are low profile (they don’t stick out very much from the tooth surface) and this minimises how bulky the appliance is and the amount it rubs on your cheeks and lips. 

After fitting braces we show you how to use wax to reduce the irritation to your cheeks and lips.  Wax is normally only needed for the first two weeks after the appliance is fitted if it is needed at all.

Approximately 12 – 24 hours following placement of your braces you may find your teeth become tender as they start to straighten. 

With functional appliances there may be discomfort of the facial muscles as they adapt to the new appliance. 

Paracetamol can be taken (usually only needed for 2 – 3 days) to reduce the discomfort, and you may want to eat softer foods for approximately one week.