Full assessment prior to comprehensive treatment

Orthodontic Records

For patients undergoing comprehensive orthodontic treatment further information is required than that provided by the examination alone.  This includes taking digital photographs of the face and teeth, X-rays and a set of models of the teeth.  This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.  After gaining this information Susan will formulate a treatment plan or a number of optional treatment plans for you to consider.


At the consultation appointment Susan will discuss your orthodontic problems and show you the photos, X-rays and models so you can understand more fully why treatment is recommended. 

Susan will discuss in detail any alternative treatment options available to you and the advantages and disadvantage of each plan.  You will also be shown what the different appliances look like so that prior to commencing treatment you are fully prepared about what to expect.  The costs of each plan will also be discussed. 

We find it preferable if both parents or guardians attend this consultation with the patient as it is easier than trying to relay information once you are back at home.