Breakages and repairs

If a breakage occurs, is it important to inform us so the brace or plate can be repaired as soon as possible. 

Please do not wait until your next scheduled appointment as breakages often take additional time to repair than available at a routine adjustment appointment. 

If possible, please tell us what part of the brace has broken so we know how much additional time we need to repair it. 

O-ring off or broken chain elastic

Contact us for an appointment

Loose Bracket or band

Contact us for an appointment

Wire digging in

Use wax to cover the sharp piece and contact us for an appointment

Wire out of tube

Tuck the wire under the tube if possible and contact us for an appointment.

Broken arch wire

If possible remove any small section of wire to ensure it cannot come loose and be swallowed or inhaled.  Contact us for an appointment.

Lost appliance

Contact us for an appointment.  This is especially important for retainers because if they are not worn the teeth can move into unwanted positions and need braces to straighten them again.

Broken plate, retainer, twin block

Continue to wear the appliances as long as it stays securely in the mouth ie, is not likely to be swallowed or inhaled, and is not sharp and cutting into the mouth.  Contact us for a repair or replacement.

Head gear problems

Stop wearing the head gear and contact us for advice and/or an appointment.